Cafeteria Air Curtains

When the door is open, cafeterias use Berner air curtains to maintain sanitary conditions as well as indoor comfort.

  • Save energy
  • Chemical-free insect control
  • Protect indoor temperatures
  • Maintain walk-in cooler temperatures

Air curtains help cafeterias meet health code when used in the back of the house. But their applications don’t stop there.

Where Cafeterias Use Air Curtains:

  1. Kitchen Delivery Doors: Health departments recommend the chemical-free insect control provided by an EPH Listed per NSF 37 Certified Berner Air Curtain to maintain a healthier kitchen environment.
  2. Walk-in Coolers: Maintain refrigeration temperatures when the door is open and thus, save energy through decreased compressor run times, as well as diminish the threat and associated costs of food spoilage.
  3. Outside Seating Doors: Keep cigarette smoke and flying insects out while keeping conditioned air in, maintaining the comfort of those on the inside as people go outside.
  4. Exterior Entrance Doors: Maintain a comfortable, welcoming entry for guests and employees with Berner’s designer air curtains for main entrances as they wait for a table or man the registers.
Map graphic of where cafeterias use Berner air curtains.

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