Air Curtains for Food Processing

Air curtains (air doors) for food processing facilities are used specifically to reduce energy costs, contain smells, protect temperatures, and keep out flying insects.

Where Food Processing Facilities Use Air Curtains:

  1. Shipping & Receiving: Air curtains are part of the operating plan to keep energy usage low. They also help keep temperatures stable and flying insects out when the doors are open™.
  2. Rapid Roll-Up: Air curtains work with rapid roll-up doors in cold storage openings to protect temperatures and slow down moisture transfer as doors open and close.
  3. Man Doors: Allow people to pass through cold storage areas while covering the opening.
  4. Conveyor Doors: Keep a continuous stream of air covering the conveyor window as product passes through.
  5. Main Entrances: Food processing facility managers use air curtains on main entrances to keep the office area comfortable.
  6. Employee / Service Doors: Used to protect the building from outside temperatures, secondhand smoke, truck exhaust, and flying insects.
Map graphic of where food processing facilities use Berner air curtains.

Berner also manufactures air curtains for cold storage doors.

Freezers & Coolers use Berner Air Curtains for when the doors are open to:

  • minimize temperature transfer;
  • slow down moisture transfer;
  • dry the floor;
  • prevent frost buildup;
  • save energy.

We have been manufacturing air curtains for cold storage for over 50 years and in that time, we have learned that every freezer, cooler, or a combination thereof, is unique. At Berner, we want to sell you a solution by taking stock of all the conditions and factors affecting your cold storage unit before recommending the proper air curtain installation for each.

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