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The PureAir Package™

An air purifier system for air curtains.

An air purifier is a device that removes contaminants from the air in order to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Berner’s PureAir Package™ air purification system utilizes needlepoint bipolar ionization plus filtration to purify the air with MERV-8 filters, approaching HEPA performance.

How our air curtain air purifier works:

  1. Pre-filter: Berner uses a built-in MERV 8 filter on the air intake to pre-treat the air
  2. Then, the air is treated with ionization technology, one device per motor. Together, the MERV 8 filter and the NPBI technology can approach HEPA performance.
  3. The air stream now contains ionized particles

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The Architectural Elite Air Curtain

The new Architectural Elite 10 and 8 are the perfect solutions when aesthetics matter. They are designed to support and protect the instore/in-space experience and look great while doing it.

Both the Architectural Elite 8 and 10 come standard with EC motors that are controlled using the Intelliswitch™ digital controller. They are available with electric and hot water heat and flaunt a stainless steel cabinet (grade 304 or better) with a clear satin anodized aluminum bottom panel.

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