Indoor Grow Air Curtains

Be a good neighbor – when the door is open, use Berner Air Curtains to keep odors contained.

Berner does not sell MK 1, but we do sell air curtains for Indoor Grow, Producers, Bakeries and more.

For additional help with odor control, talk to Berner about Carbon Filters.

Where Indoor Grow Facilities Use Air Curtains:

1.  Shipping & Receiving: When the doors are open, air curtains are part of many operating plans and OCPs to keep:

  • Energy usage low
  • Temperatures stable
  • Odors contained
  • Flying insects out, chemical-free

2.  Internal Doors / Clean Rooms: Berner air curtains work with swing and rapid roll-up doors to protect temperatures, separate environments and slow down moisture transfer as doors open & close.

3.  Conveyor Doors: Keep a continuous stream of air covering the conveyor window as product passes through.

4.  Employee / Service Doors: Used to protect the building from outside temperatures, secondhand smoke, truck exhaust, and flying insects.

5.  Main Entrances: Both ambient and heated Berner air curtains are used on main entrances, along with or instead of a vestibule, to protect the office from outside temperatures, secondhand smoke, and traffic fumes.  For places of consumption, Berner air curtains are used for odor control.

Map graphic of where indoor grow facilities use Berner air curtains.

To learn more about how air curtains work, click here.