QSR: Quick Serve Restaurant Air Curtains

Air doors can be installed in various locations around quick serve restaurants (QSR) and fast casual dining. Plus, Berner even has an air curtain specifically designed to go over the drive-thru service windows these fast food establishments are known for.

Where Quick Serve Restaurants Use Air Curtains:

  1. Drive-Thru Windows: With as much as 60-70% of business passing through this opening, employees appreciate the protection against cold air, exhaust fumes, and insects that an air curtain provides.
  2. Kitchen Delivery Doors: Health departments recommend air curtains that are EPH Listed per NSF 37 certified for chemical-free insect control. This maintains a healthier kitchen environment as people, goods, and trash pass through the door.
  3. Walk-In Cooler: Kitchen managers know the benefits of using air curtains to maintain refrigeration temperatures. They include energy savings through decreased compressor run times, as well as the diminished threat, and associated costs, of food spoilage.
  4. Entrance Doors: You can use both ambient and heated air curtains on these high-traffic main entrances, along with or instead of a vestibule. This protects the dining and ordering areas from outside temperatures and traffic fumes as customers come and go.
  5. Outdoor Seating Doors: Keep cigarette smoke and flying insects out while keeping conditioned air in. This maintains the comfort of those on the inside as people go outside.

Both fast-casual and QSR establishments are taking advantage of the benefits air curtains provide. From energy savings to indoor comfort, their installation offers a speedy payback of 1-3 years.

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