The Berner RevolvAir

Air Curtain System for Revolving Doors

Taking the Revolving Door to a whole new level

Meet the expectation that occupants can comfortably socialize, work, and hang out in the lobby regardless of the season.

Revolving doors significantly reduce a building’s energy consumption. However, the revolving door acts as an air lock, bringing in people, and also outside temperatures and fumes, into the lobby. In climates with temperature extremes, adding the RevolvAir over the revolving door works to negate the airlock effect. This keeps the lobby comfortable for those spending time in it, and further reduces the building’s overall energy consumption.

To work with Berner Engineering on your main entrance, contact either your Berner Representative or Berner directly – 800-245-4455.

Re-circulating Air Curtains

Retailers and museums hide these in their primary entrances to create a thick wall of air that conserves energy and assists with climate control when the flow of foot traffic means that the door never closes.

To work with Berner Engineering on your entrance, contact either your Berner representative or Berner directly – 800-245-4455.

Standard sizes: 23″W x 28″D x 62″H (custom sizes also available)

Berner International offers three types of vinyl bakery rack covers to effectively and economically provide food contamination protection. They’re the perfect choice to keep food clean and fresh, reduce drying and crusting, and prevent spills during transport. Standard: translucent.  Custom colors: blue, red, yellow and green. 

Bakery rack cover benefits:

  • Keeps food fresh and clean
  • Aids in proofing and retarding
  • Reduces drying and crusting of dough
  • Helps prevent freezer burn and odor transfer
  • Holds trays in position while transporting
  • Berner offers custom sizes for almost any application

For when an air curtain is not the solution, Berner Arctic Seal Swinging Doors are designed to offer protection for your freezer and cooler by creating a barrier to temperature, insects and odors. They are easy to open, and their unique cam design allows the door to close automatically — keeping in refrigerated air.

Berner Door Heaters are used to temper cold air that rushes through open doors by mixing it with high-velocity heated air. This helps keep the indoor temperature more comfortable and both customers and employees happy.

Engineered for versatility, the door heater can be mounted at any angle between horizontal and vertical to satisfy most applications. All heaters are factory assembled and shipped ready for connection to electric power and natural gas supplies.

Berner’s Posi-Flow Fabric Air Ducts offer a low first cost, aesthetically-pleasing alternative to sheet metal ducts. Posi-Flow systems quietly distribute air in warehouses, natatoriums, schools, supermarkets, and other indoor spaces. 

AP Series – Antimicrobial Polyester
CP Series – Coated Polyester
PE Series – Polyethylene
PV Series – Polyester Vinyl Coated
SF Series – Silicone Coated Fiberglass
XS Series – Anti-Static Polyester

Berner air curtains are proven performers in places that traditionally use strip curtains — like coolers and freezers. But when first cost dictates a strip curtain, choose the Berner PVC Strip Curtain.

This air curtain is designed to save energy, create comfort and keep dangerous car fumes outside of open drive-thru windows. The Drive-Thru Unit is the industry’s easiest to maintain and smallest profile air curtain to-date, making it perfect for Quick Serve Restaurants. With its “Mount Anywhere” bracket system, this air curtain mounts easily to existing drive-thru windows and can be plugged into an existing 120 Volt power outlet for low-cost installation and operation.