Commercial Air Doors

Chosen by designers who are concerned with protecting the interior when the door is open, Berner Commercial Air Curtains are designed to meet the functional needs of the application, to integrate into the space and to keep installation costs to a minimum.

Commercial Low Profile 8

Commercial Low Profile 8

Series #CLC08

For mounting heights to 8’ (environmental separation) and 7’ (insect control).

Commercial High Performance 10

Series # CHD10 (formerly CHC10)

For mounting heights to 10' (environmental separation) and 8' (insect control).

Pass-Thru Unit 6

Pass-Thru Unit 6

Series #PE06, #PT06

For mounting heights to 6' (environmental separation & insect control).

Drive-Thru Unit 3

Series # DTU03

For mounting heights to 5'