Air Curtains (Air Doors)
for Institutions and Facilities

Air Curtain

Berner air curtains (air doors) protect indoor environments when doors are open. Berner air curtains help maintain a more stable, comfortable and quality environment that keeps outside temperatures, odors and flying insects out – while reducing energy costs.

Fabric Duct

Used by both schools and warehouses: Posi-Flow Fabric Air Diffusion Ducts are a great way to distribute air – especially for spaces with open ceilings and limited budgets.

Bi-Parting Doors

For those who do not want an air curtain, Berner Arctic Seal Swinging doors keep walk-in coolers and freezers working more efficiently. The cam and revolutionary swinging door design allows the main cooler/freezer door to close without interference.

Strip Doors

Take a closer look at this alternate way to hold back conditioned air, dust and contaminants.