Berner’s Advanced Control Technology

Berner is the industry leader in bringing air curtains together with advanced control technology.

Berner AIR iOS App icon.

Beginning with the Intelliswitch™ in the early 2000s, we remain the only manufacturer to have a built-in digital controller specific for air curtains. Improving upon it, we created the Berner AIR™, which allows users to control their air curtains from their smartphone or tablet.

Berner’s advanced control technology platform consists of the Intelliswitch™ and the Berner AIR™. It allows us to begin to start offering accessories such as a commercial-grade wall-mounted touchscreen.

The Intelliswitch™:

The Intelliswitch™ is the industry’s first built-in digital controller specifically for air curtains. It is a programmable variable-speed option for a user to manage their air curtain. It comes standard on all Architectural Models.

Find out more about the Intelliswitch™ including a quick start guide, FAQs, and how to program it here.

Berner AIR™:

  • Built-in wireless controller & Berner App
  • Available on all Berner Architectural Air Curtains
  • Secure, encrypted at the processor level, follows industry best practices
  • Links directly to the Intelliswitch™ digital controller
  • Allows for OTA updates (over-the-air updates)
  • Offsite troubleshooting – enables our Technical Support Specialists to troubleshoot possible problems

App 2.0:

  • Available for iOS (Apple) and Android devices
  • Password protected
  • Monitor & control multiple air curtains in various locations

The Berner AIR™ platform is a Berner only system that will also allow for future additions for even more functionality.

Wall-Mounted Touchscreen:

The Berner accessory wall-mounted touchscreen makes up another branch of our Advanced Control Technology. This commercial-grade Android tablet works with the Berner AIR™. It is capable of controlling multiple air curtains from one convenient location. It follows industry best practices and comes with security protocols in place.

The touchscreen is available in black or white. It can be used with Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi and is powered simply via an ethernet cable (PoE) connected to the air curtain, making installation easy.