Air Curtain Maintenance & Cleaning


Berner air curtains require minimal maintenance. Scheduled cleanings of your air curtain at least once every three months will ensure that it works properly and will also extend the life of the unit. Extremely dirty, dusty, or greasy environments could require a more aggressive cleaning schedule.

For efficient air curtain performance, setting the angle of the discharge nozzle correctly is crucial. An air curtain nozzle should be adjusted to aim inward or outward up to 20 degrees from the opening.

To select the proper size, power rating, and features for a particular air curtain application, consider the following:

  • The physical dimensions of the opening, including height, width, and space available for installation (clearance above the mantle).
  • The type of door intended for installation.
  • The type of opening — customer entry, service entry, dock door, etc.
  • The climate. Would building occupants appreciate supplemental heat at the door?
  • The prevailing winds and exterior temperatures on outside openings.
  • The existence of any drafts due to pressure differences at the opening.


To clean an air curtain, begin by turning off the power at the service panel. Once off, ensure the unit does not turn on during cleaning by locking the panel, as well.

Next, remove the air intake grille for access to the blower housing and motor(s). Remove the bottom access panel on heated models for access to the blower housings and motor(s). Vacuum and scrape (if necessary) to remove the built-up dirt and debris. For instructions for your particular model, consult the appropriate installation instructions.

To learn more about air curtains, take the free AEC Daily continuing education course online: “Air Curtains: Energy Savings & Occupant Comfort.”