Airport Air Curtains

Airside or landside – air curtains offer the best protection for airports. They protect indoor temperatures and keep pollutants, like cigarette smoke and vehicle exhaust out. Plus, they give this protection while providing sizable energy savings.

Where Airports Use Air Curtains:

  1. Passenger Drop-Off & Pick-Up Doors: Thousands of travelers pass through airport doors daily. Airport authorities rely on air curtains to maintain indoor air comfort while keeping down energy costs. Berner’s designer air curtains provide protection while supporting aesthetics.
  2. Baggage Loading & Unloading Doors: As bags, cartons, and cargo are being loaded and unloaded, baggage dock door air curtains keep employees warm or cool and machinery operating while saving energy.
  3. Ground Service Doors: Between the terminal and the tarmac, air curtains are protecting interior temperatures. They also provide insect control as catering, maintenance, and service vehicles enter and exit.
  4. Gate Doors That Open onto the Apron: Air doors shield travelers and flight attendants occupying the boarding lounge from outside temperatures.
Map graphic of where airports use Berner air curtains.

Berner has AMCA certified air curtains allowed by ASHRAE 90.1-2019 as an alternative to vestibules.

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