Air Curtain Saves Seating, Energy, & Construction Costs

Air Curtain Saves Seating, Energy, & Construction Costs

Berner’s Architectural Low Profile 8 air curtain keeps patrons and employees comfortable at a popular Michigan restaurant and saves in construction and energy costs.

Burger King Franchisee Installs Air Curtains, Increases Employee Happiness

Charleston Fun Park SLASHES Expenses & INCREASES Revenue with Berner Air Curtains!

Charleston Fun Park in South Carolina cuts their annual utility bills by $20,000 and increases overall sales by 20% after installing air curtains above their park entrances.

Air Curtains + Garage Door Opening = Fly Free Open Dining Experience

Combining Barbecue and a Breathtaking View Raises Door Challenges at Roadside Restaurant Learn more about Berner’s line of Industrial air curtains.

Berner Air Curtains keeps Royal Winery employees warm and saves energy

Employees now work in a warm, comfortable environment, but equally important are the energy savings. Try out Berner’s Energy Savings Calculator to see what you could be saving by installing a Berner air curtain. Learn more about Berner’s line of Industrial air curtains.

Hearth Pizzeria Reclaims Space with Berner Air Curtain

Pizzeria Warms Up Patrons & Entrance Interiors with a Heated Air Curtain and adds back 300 square feet of usable space to restaurant. Read: “Air Curtains: A Proven Alternative to Vestibule Design” A study performed by second-party research/validation consultant, Blue Ridge Numerics, Charlottesville, Va. who used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis technology to prove that […]

O’Tooles, Too Ra Loos Open Pubs using Berner Air Curtains

Bringing in the great outdoors with retractable windows and air curtains boosted the grill & bar’s sales by 25-30% Learn more about Berner’s line of Commercial and Industrial air curtains

Berner Air Curtains improve customer satisfaction, save energy for innovative car dealership

In a competitive auto retailing economy, car dealerships always look for a competitive edge. Mel Grata Chevrolet/Toyota has found climate-controlled indoor air comfort greatly improves customer satisfaction especially during cold Pennsylvania winters. “We’ve had no air comfort complaints from customers or employees even on the coldest winter days, and that’s good for business,” said Grata. — Mel Grata, President, […]

AMCA Certified Air Curtains are an Exception to Vestibules

The IECC and IgCC building codes list AMCA certified air curtains as viable alternatives to vestibules. Learn more about Berner’s AMCA certified air curtains.

Rollup doors retrofit with Air Curtains solves insect infiltration problem

Engineers’ novel rollup doors retrofit with air doors (fly fans) stops plant’s flying insect ingress. Learn more about Berner’s line of Industrial air curtains.