Introducing: High, In-Ceiling Mounted Air Curtains

Posted on on January 4, 2013

Berner International Corp., a New Castle, Pa., manufacturer of air curtains, expanded its In-Ceiling Mount (ICM) Series by adding the ICB, an in-ceiling flush-mount air curtain rated for doorways with up to 16-foot-high ceilings. The air curtain can be used in hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, and other commercial facilities.

Berner's In-Ceiling Mount/Architectural Receseed air curtains over main entrance.

The one-hp motors combined with Berner’s proprietary Pro-V Nozzle design, which generates 50-percent more velocity at the floor versus standard ceiling mount units, makes the ICB’s 16-foot range possible. The improved velocity also allows for lower speed operation resulting in up to half the decibel ratings and energy consumption of other in-ceiling air curtains. The Pro-V Nozzle also produces a doorway-sealing laminar airstream.

The ICB, available in 3- to 12-foot lengths, features a low-profile faceplate available in white polyester-coated aluminum or stainless steel. It’s also available in custom color, powder-coat aluminum faceplates.

Heating Options

For supplemental heating, the ICM Series offers electric, steam, and hot water options. The electric heating option draws air through an electric heater using the Venturi effect. Berner’s proprietary heater placement design also minimizes turbulence and disruption of the Pro-V nozzles’ long-reaching laminar airstream. The heaters’ serviceability requires removing only two mounting screws and a quick-disconnect cable.


Intelliswitch digital controller Display Graphic ARC display

The ICM Series comes standard with Berner’s proprietary Intelliswitch digital-control package. The RoHS-compliant Intelliswitch features a thermostat, multi-speed fan control, time clock, and time delay. The format offers choices of seven operating modes, four factory presets and three programmable options. The built-in Intelliswitch eliminates separate wall-mounted mechanical switches and thermostats and reduces control installation costs by operating from a hand-held wireless remote control.

Because the ICM Series is certified by the Air Movement & Control Association-International (AMCA), it complies as a vestibule substitute, which is now allowed by the International Green Construction Code, an approved overlay of green construction products to the base code International Energy Construction Code. The ICB also meets fire and life safety codes by drawing clean air directly from the lobby without the need of field-installed ductwork, is applicable to retrofit and new construction and has self-diagnostic capabilities.

Please note: Berner’s In-Ceiling Mount (ICA/ICB) air curtains have since been renamed to Architectural Recessed 12 & 16 (ARD12/ARC16).