Continuing Education – “Air Curtains: Energy Savings & Occupant Comfort”

Berner has partnered with AEC Daily to create a one-hour online continuing education course called, “Air Curtains: Energy Savings & Occupant Comfort.”

The course has been approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for 1.0 LU/HSW hour, as well as by the GBCI (LEED AP), RCEP and other organizations.

The course is free to take, and covers:

  • the components, function, and operation of an air curtain;
  • air curtain design criteria;
  • benefits of air curtains and their impact on whole building energy use;
  • information on specifying the right air curtain and controls to achieve optimal air curtain effects for environmental separation;
  • research results on air curtains vs. vestibules;
  • relevant industry building codes (IECC & IgCC) and testing standards;
  • two case studies that illustrate the efficiency of air curtains for energy savings, climate separation, and comfortable air temperature.

The course can be found here. Upon successful completion of their courses, AEC Daily submits completion information to the appropriate certifying bodies that the user has added their member number(s) to.

AEC Daily is a developer of online education courses for the construction sector. It is an e-learning provider for architects, engineers, and other construction professionals and serves over 450 companies.

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