What is an air curtain?

An air curtain can be integrated into the architecture of the home to provide a column of air to separate indoor spaces from the outdoor elements when the door is open.  This column of air is used to maintain climate control, keep insects out of an enclosed area, and reduce debris in enclosed areas.

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Where is an air curtain relevant?

Separating indoor and outdoor spaces

Air curtains can be used to help make integrated indoor-outdoor spaces much more comfortable while saving energy.

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How can an air curtain help?

Climate control along with insect and debris abatement are key drivers for homeowners

In warm climates the loss of air conditioning drives up energy costs, preventing people from enjoying their integrated indoor-outdoor expansive areas. In these same climates, flying insects can also keep the doors closed. Air Curtains fix both problems.

When it is cold out, an air curtain keeps heat in and the cold out. Keeping homes comfortable while the doors are open.

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Air curtains are part of any environmentally conscious design

Air curtain make homes much more energy efficient

Use the Berner Energy Calculator to understand how a residential air curtain can help make a home extraordinarily efficient.  Homes with air curtains are at the cutting edge of energy reduction and climate controlled air retention.

Coupled with solar panels, multi-pane glazing, and other energy efficiency enhancing techniques, air curtains are a core part of an advanced energy efficient home.

Part of the Smart Home experience.

Air curtains are part of the Internet of Things and are a natural extension of a fully controlled home experience.

As homes become more automated, air curtains have kept up and become integrated into key Smart Home technologies.  Remote management capabilities make air curtains easy to operate. Watch our videos for Smart Home Integration and on our Berner Mobile App.

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Work with us to optimize the air curtain experience

Our in house experts can work with you to help optimize placement, color, and model type for your specific application.

We can assist with how to create the most aesthetically pleasing placement and integrated look and feel.

Sound from the air curtain motor and associated generated column of air needs to be managed.  We can work with you to reduce noise to promote a comfortable environment.