Berner Launches Air Curtain App for Architectural Series

Berner Launches Air Curtain App for Architectural Series

UPDATED 5/25/20: Berner announced the Berner Air Curtain App, a first-of-its-kind air curtain app to control architectural air curtains from a smartphone, is available now at the Google Play Store. The company also standardized its patented digital controller, the Intelliswitch™, across its product suite of air curtains in the Berner Architectural category.

Berner Launches Air Curtain App for Apple Smartphone

Berner, the company that saves energy and creates healthy, comfortable environments, today announced that the Berner Air Curtain app, already available for Android, is now compatible with iOS.

How to Hide an Air Curtain

Many building designers want the energy savings and comfort that a properly selected and installed air curtain provides.  At the same time, they do not want to see it hanging over the main entrance.  Two popular solutions to conceal the air curtain from the occupants’ line of sight are Berner’s Recessed air curtains and mounting above the ceiling with a nozzle extension.