Berner Air Curtains keeps Royal Winery employees warm and saves energy

Berner Air Curtains keeps Royal Winery employees warm and saves energy

Employees now work in a warm, comfortable environment, but equally important are the energy savings. Try out Berner’s Energy Savings Calculator to see what you could be saving by installing a Berner air curtain. Learn more about Berner’s line of Industrial air curtains.

O’Tooles, Too Ra Loos Open Pubs using Berner Air Curtains

Bringing in the great outdoors with retractable windows and air curtains boosted the grill & bar’s sales by 25-30% Learn more about Berner’s line of Commercial and Industrial air curtains

Berner Introduces Online Energy Savings Calculator for Air Curtains

Berner International Corp. has recently introduced the Berner Air Curtain Energy Savings Calculator, a user-friendly, online energy savings estimation tool accessible by any web browser for quick payback calculation and air curtain selection.

Air Curtains Go Beyond the Back Door

Air curtain technology advancements in the last five years have gone beyond the back door. It’s not CHSC code-mandated, but restaurants and food service outlets are now preventing flying insect and energy losses at the customer entrance, drive-thru windows, and even walk-in cooler entrances.

Air Curtains Save More Energy

A new research study shows that air curtains are significantly more energy efficient than vestibules and can save commercial-industrial building projects tens of thousands of dollars in construction costs as vestibule substitutes.

Air Curtain Helps Boost Foot Traffic, Retail Sales

Fortunes Coffee Roastery installed a Zephyr air curtain manufactured by Berner Intl., New Castle, Pa., above the doorway in order to minimize energy losses and maintain indoor air comfort within 3-5°F of indoor set-point temperatures. The Zephyr helped maintain a consistent and comfortable environment for employees and patrons alike near the point-of-purchase entrance area.

Food Service, Retail Embrace Air Curtains

There has been a deluge of recent technological advancements that are creating new air curtain applications that were barely imaginable 10 years ago. Advancements range from more efficient electric heaters to manufacturing improvements that now extend lengths up to 16 feet.

Moran Chevrolet’s Energy Savings Facility Update

Detroit auto dealership, Moran Chevrolet, nets nearly a $7,000 energy savings and short seven-month payback with increased employee air comfort after installation of Berner’s Industrial Direct Drive 14 air curtain. Learn more about Berner’s line of industrial air curtains.

New Convention Center Uses Air Curtains to Save Energy & Help Achieve LEED Points

Air curtains help Chicago’s new McCormick Place West save $70,000 annually with an equipment payback of under two years. Try out Berner’s Energy Savings Calculator to see what you could be saving with a Berner air curtain.

Air Curtains Save Healthcare Construction, Operating Costs

HVAC trends point toward an increasing amount of consulting engineers who specify air curtains for healthcare applications. Instead of common shipping or foodservice back door air curtain applications to prevent flying insect infiltration, air curtains have expanded to the front door, emergency room door, and even foodservice walk-in cooler doors to reduce energy costs.