Air Curtains + Garage Door Opening = Fly Free Open Dining Experience

Air Curtains + Garage Door Opening = Fly Free Open Dining Experience

Combining Barbecue and a Breathtaking View Raises Door Challenges at Roadside Restaurant Learn more about Berner’s line of Industrial air curtains.

Air Curtains Help U.S. Fight Oncoming Zika Virus

Confirming the public’s Zika virus concern is Orkin LLC, Atlanta, which has more than 1.7 million pest control customers across the globe, provides a mosquito-specific service consisting of larvaecide and adult mosquito treatments but has also recommended air curtains as a supplemental flying insect deterrent for decades.

Air Curtains Go Beyond the Back Door

Air curtain technology advancements in the last five years have gone beyond the back door. It’s not CHSC code-mandated, but restaurants and food service outlets are now preventing flying insect and energy losses at the customer entrance, drive-thru windows, and even walk-in cooler entrances.

New “Drive-Thru” Air Curtain – Industry’s Smallest Profile, Easiest Install, Maintenance

Berner International Corp. (BIC), a leading U.S. manufacturer of air curtains, has introduced the Drive-Thru air curtain, the industry’s smallest profile and easiest installed/maintained air curtain for drive-through service windows in restaurants. With an unobtrusive profile of 6 (h) x 7-1/2 (d)-inches, the 10-lb. Drive-Thru is 75 percent smaller than the competition and allows more […]

Food Service, Retail Embrace Air Curtains

There has been a deluge of recent technological advancements that are creating new air curtain applications that were barely imaginable 10 years ago. Advancements range from more efficient electric heaters to manufacturing improvements that now extend lengths up to 16 feet.

Air Curtains Keep Gulls, Insects Away at Oceanfront Stadium

Air curtains at baseball stadiums are for the birds. That was the local health inspectors’ philosophy when they mandated air curtains to deter pesky seagulls at the Florida panhandle’s new $18 million Pensacola Bay Front Stadium that’s merely 50 yards from the ocean.

Rollup doors retrofit with Air Curtains solves insect infiltration problem

Engineers’ novel rollup doors retrofit with air doors (fly fans) stops plant’s flying insect ingress. Learn more about Berner’s line of Industrial air curtains.

Blue Wahoos concession stands add seagull deterring air curtains

Air curtains prevent flying insects and discourage seagulls from concession areas at the Pensacola Bay Front Stadium to help maintain high standard for food sanitation. Learn more about Berner air curtains for concession windows.

Air Curtains Save Healthcare Construction, Operating Costs

HVAC trends point toward an increasing amount of consulting engineers who specify air curtains for healthcare applications. Instead of common shipping or foodservice back door air curtain applications to prevent flying insect infiltration, air curtains have expanded to the front door, emergency room door, and even foodservice walk-in cooler doors to reduce energy costs.