Auto Dealership Embraces Comfort, Efficiency of Air Curtains

Auto Dealership Embraces Comfort, Efficiency of Air Curtains

In the competitive auto-retailing economy, car dealerships, including Hermitage, Pennsylvania-based Mel Grata Chevrolet/Toyota, are always looking for a competitive edge. And, the staff at Mel Grata is confident a recent investment in climate-controlled indoor air comfort will greatly improve customer satisfaction, especially during cold Pennsylvania winters.

Green Technologies Produce an Even Fresher Super Market

Supermarket retailer Pete’s Fresh Market is recognized as one of the greenest supermarket retailers in the U.S., but something sets its nine-store Chicago-based operation’s green mission apart from other chains. The chain records energy data, utilizing equipment that has proven effective at other locations.

Air Curtains Save More Energy

A new research study shows that air curtains are significantly more energy efficient than vestibules and can save commercial-industrial building projects tens of thousands of dollars in construction costs as vestibule substitutes.

New Convention Center Uses Air Curtains to Save Energy & Help Achieve LEED Points

Air curtains help Chicago’s new McCormick Place West save $70,000 annually with an equipment payback of under two years. Try out Berner’s Energy Savings Calculator to see what you could be saving with a Berner air curtain.