Air Curtains + Garage Door Opening = Fly Free Open Dining Experience

Air Curtains + Garage Door Opening = Fly Free Open Dining Experience

Combining Barbecue and a Breathtaking View Raises Door Challenges at Roadside Restaurant Learn more about Berner’s line of Industrial air curtains.

Hearth Pizzeria Reclaims Space with Berner Air Curtain

Pizzeria Warms Up Patrons & Entrance Interiors with a Heated Air Curtain and adds back 300 square feet of usable space to restaurant. Read: “Air Curtains: A Proven Alternative to Vestibule Design” A study performed by second-party research/validation consultant, Blue Ridge Numerics, Charlottesville, Va. who used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis technology to prove that […]

O’Tooles, Too Ra Loos Open Pubs using Berner Air Curtains

Bringing in the great outdoors with retractable windows and air curtains boosted the grill & bar’s sales by 25-30% Learn more about Berner’s line of Commercial and Industrial air curtains

Curtain Call for Flies!

The air curtain is an ideal solution to the pest management industry’s ongoing response to commercial/industrial client requests for fewer chemicals and more environmentally sensitive methods of controlling flying insects in occupied spaces.

New “Drive-Thru” Air Curtain – Industry’s Smallest Profile, Easiest Install, Maintenance

Berner International Corp. (BIC), a leading U.S. manufacturer of air curtains, has introduced the Drive-Thru air curtain, the industry’s smallest profile and easiest installed/maintained air curtain for drive-through service windows in restaurants. With an unobtrusive profile of 6 (h) x 7-1/2 (d)-inches, the 10-lb. Drive-Thru is 75 percent smaller than the competition and allows more […]

Food Service, Retail Embrace Air Curtains

There has been a deluge of recent technological advancements that are creating new air curtain applications that were barely imaginable 10 years ago. Advancements range from more efficient electric heaters to manufacturing improvements that now extend lengths up to 16 feet.