Air Curtain Saves Seating, Energy, & Construction Costs

Air Curtain Saves Seating, Energy, & Construction Costs

Berner’s Architectural Low Profile 8 air curtain keeps patrons and employees comfortable at a popular Michigan restaurant and saves in construction and energy costs.

Commercial Berner Air Curtain Earns AMCA Certification for Electric Heat

New Castle, PA – June 11, 2018 – Berner’s recently-introduced Commercial High Performance 10 Series (CHD10) air curtain has been certified for electric heat by the Air Movement & Control Association (AMCA).

Keep Lobbies Comfortable with the Berner RevolvAir™

Berner International has now announced the Revolvair™ Air Curtain System for Revolving Doors.

The RevolvAir™ allows buildings to meet the expectation that occupants can comfortably socialize, work, and hang out in the lobby.

Meet IECC Code with AMCA Certified Air Curtains plus Heat

Berner is excited to provide more heat options when using air curtains as an alternative to vestibules. In addition to adding AMCA Certified heating options, Berner also recently launched the Berner Air Curtain App to control architectural air curtains from a smartphone.

How to Hide an Air Curtain

Many building designers want the energy savings and comfort that a properly selected and installed air curtain provides.  At the same time, they do not want to see it hanging over the main entrance.  Two popular solutions to conceal the air curtain from the occupants’ line of sight are Berner’s Recessed air curtains and mounting above the ceiling with a nozzle extension.

Hearth Pizzeria Reclaims Space with Berner Air Curtain

Pizzeria Warms Up Patrons & Entrance Interiors with a Heated Air Curtain and adds back 300 square feet of usable space to restaurant. Read: “Air Curtains: A Proven Alternative to Vestibule Design” A study performed by second-party research/validation consultant, Blue Ridge Numerics, Charlottesville, Va. who used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis technology to prove that […]

Air Curtains vs. Vestibules

The IECC and IgCC building codes list AMCA certified air curtains as viable alternatives to vestibules. Learn more about Berner’s AMCA certified air curtains.

Air Curtains Approved as Alternative to Vestibules in 2015 IECC

AMCA International announced today that the 2015 version of the International Energy Conservation Code will contain a provision enabling air curtains to be considered as an alternative to vestibules. For compliance, air curtains have to be tested in accordance with ANSI/AMCA Standard 220 and be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Air Curtains as Alternatives to Vestibules

This article describes the function and benefits of air curtains. It presents results from a recent study on the energy performance of air curtains relative to vestibules and provides useful information for engineers and code officials.

AMCA Certified Air Curtains are an Exception to Vestibules

The IECC and IgCC building codes list AMCA certified air curtains as viable alternatives to vestibules. Learn more about Berner’s AMCA certified air curtains.