Air Curtains Go Beyond the Back Door

Air Curtains Go Beyond the Back Door

Air curtain technology advancements in the last five years have gone beyond the back door. It’s not CHSC code-mandated, but restaurants and food service outlets are now preventing flying insect and energy losses at the customer entrance, drive-thru windows, and even walk-in cooler entrances.

Air Curtains Saving Healthcare Construction & Operating Costs

Healthcare facility operators are continually looking for methods of cutting operational costs. An air curtain is an option with a very short payback of two years or less, in most cases, for reducing energy losses at the doorway. Learn more about Berner’s Architectural Recessed series (formerly the In-Ceiling Mount Series)

Air Curtains Save Healthcare Construction, Operating Costs

HVAC trends point toward an increasing amount of consulting engineers who specify air curtains for healthcare applications. Instead of common shipping or foodservice back door air curtain applications to prevent flying insect infiltration, air curtains have expanded to the front door, emergency room door, and even foodservice walk-in cooler doors to reduce energy costs.