NEW! Architectural Elite Air Curtain

Designed for Beauty

The new Architectural Elite 10 and 8 are the perfect solutions when aesthetics matter. They are designed to support and protect the instore/in-space experience and look great while doing it. They are:

  • Designed to disappear as one enters the space.
  • Quiet, technologically advanced.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Built on Berner’s strong engineering foundation, these Architectural Elite air curtains save energy and protect the interior when the door is open.

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The Elite Difference

Along with a design made for aesthetic goals, both the Architectural Elite 8 and 10 come standard with EC motors that are controlled using the Intelliswitch™ digital controller. They are available with electric and hot water heat and flaunt a stainless steel cabinet (grade 304 or better) with a clear satin anodized aluminum bottom panel.

These Elites have redefined what it means to be a “quiet air curtain”. By using high efficiency, low noise articulating Pro-V nozzles, EC motors, and a top air intake, Berner has designed its most discreet air curtain yet.

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Advanced Control Technology

The Architectural Elites are outfitted with the Berner AIR™ and can be operated and monitored via the Berner App. They come standard with the Intelliswitch™ digital controller and have the option to add the Berner Wall-Mounted Touchscreen accessory.

Berner Air™ and App 2.0:

  • Built-in wireless controller and the Berner app
  • Available on all Berner Architectural Air Curtains
  • Secure – password protected and encrypted at the processor level
  • Account-based management

Intelliswitch™ 4.0:

  • Standard on all Architectural Air Curtains
  • Allows 10-speed control of EC motors
  • Berner Exclusive! No one else has a built-in digital controller specific for air curtains

Wall-Mounted Touchscreen:

  • Works with the Berner AIR™ built-in wireless controller and mobile app
  • Follows industry best practices in security and comes with security protocols in place
  • Commercial-grade Android tablet that can be used with Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi

Find out more about Berner’s Advanced Control Technology here.

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