How to Hide an Air Curtain

How to Hide an Air Curtain

Put it IN the ceiling!

Conceal the air curtain ABOVE the ceiling

Berner designed an air curtain specifically for mounting flush with the surface of the ceiling.

Put it ABOVE the ceiling!

How to Hide an Air Curtain - put is ABOVE the ceiling

Berner offers a nozzle extension for when you need to see even less.

No vestibule, use a Berner air curtain & meet IECC building code – Berner has both heated and unheated AMCA certified air curtains to meet the IECC Building Code.  The Code allows AMCA certified air curtains as alternatives to vestibules. Click here for more information.

How to Hide:

Many building designers want the energy savings and comfort that a properly selected and installed air curtain provides.  At the same time, they do not want to see it hanging over the main entrance.  Two popular solutions to conceal the air curtain from the occupants’ line of sight are:

  • Mount the air curtain flush with the surface of the ceiling, also known as in-ceiling mounting, flush mounting, or recessed mounting.
  • Mount the air curtain above the ceiling and use a nozzle extension

Conceal IN the Ceiling – with Berner’s Architectural Recessed Series:

Berner Architectural Recessed 12 air curtain over hospital entrance.

Architectural Recessed 12 air curtain protecting a hospital entrance.

  • Berner designed an air curtain specifically for in-ceiling applications that keeps everything in one unit.  We did this to make it simple to install, operate & maintain the air curtain.
  • The intake is spaced to prevent entrapment of the discharge
  • The air curtain pulls conditioned return air from below the ceiling
  • It is easy to maintain.  There is total access to all internals from below the ceiling through a hinged access panel
  • AMCA certified, all heat options:


  • Bigger footprint in ceiling surface than installing the air curtain above the ceiling & using a nozzle extension
  • Lower installation cost

Conceal ABOVE the Ceiling – with an Architectural or Commercial High Performance 10 Air Curtain & a nozzle extension

  • 6” Nozzle Extension – Clear Anodized Aluminum with two factory-installed airfoil aluminum air directional vanes
  • Smaller footprint in ceiling surface
  • Quieter operation than the Architectural Recessed 12 & 16 series due to air intake being above the ceiling
  • AMCA certified, all heat options:


  • Multiple components: Extra costs for the nozzle extension & the addition of return air ductwork or ceiling grills
  • Air curtain pulls unconditioned return air from above the ceiling
  • No easy access for maintenance

Standard for Berner Architectural Air Curtains:

  • Electric, Steam & Hot Water heated models available – with AMCA certification
  • Built-in IntelliswitchTM digital controller, enables cabinet heater function
  • Wi-fi control optional (enables operation & monitoring from a smartphone) – especially handy when enclosing above the ceiling. Click here to learn more.
  • Custom colors, Stainless Steel (grade 304 or better) & other finishes available

NOTE to Specifiers:  Remember when installing any equipment above the ceiling to comply with building & fire codes as part of designing a system that meets safety and indoor air quality (IAQ) best practices.

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