Walk-in Cooler & Freezer Air Curtain

Air curtains increase walk-in cooler efficiency:

Two major walk-in cooler manufacturers are quoted in the Federal Register Vol. 79, No. 106, “Energy Conservation Program: Energy Conservation Standards for Walk-in Coolers and Freezers” discussing air curtains and their impact on walk-in cooler efficiency. The first commented that one of the largest factors to energy waste is the amount of time the door is open. They continue by stating that a cooler door may be open over 200 times a day. The second source also supports these claims. They comment that “air curtains may save almost as much energy as freezer panels with 5-inches of insulation” (32071-2).

The Department of Energy agrees with both companies – air infiltration when walk-in cooler doors are open adds to the heat load, lessening the unit’s efficiency. Air curtains can be used to reduce this infiltration according to the DOE. In Canada, walk-ins must adhere to the Energy Efficiency Act and Energy Efficiency Regulations.

A study was also performed at an Arby’s Franchise to test the effect an air curtain could have when installed above a walk-in cooler door. The results were a 27% reduction in compressor run-time and equipment wear-and-tear. This translates into nearly 100 fewer operating hours per year for an estimated annual savings of $447.

In addition, find out more about the impact of walk-in cooler efficiency and the building codes and certifications that support the use of air curtains to achieve it.

For Walk-in Coolers: Berner recommends the Commercial Low Profile 8 air curtain and the 24V Basic Control Package (Field Mounted NEMA 1 Magnetic Reed Door Switch and a Factory Mounted 24V Control Transformer).

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Commercial Low Profile 8

Series #CLC08

For mounting heights to 8’ (environmental separation) and 7’ (insect control).