White or Black Air Curtains, now standard

Black Air Curtains or White Air Curtains

Now standard on Berner’s Commercial and Sanitation Certified Lines, black air curtains and white.

New Castle, PA – July, 2017 – Berner International, the company that saves energy and creates healthy, comfortable environments, announced the addition of black as a standard color offering for their Sanitation Certified and Commercial air curtain series.  Both black and white exteriors are available at no extra charge to their customers on these models.

Made to Order

In addition to the now standard black or white colors, Berner offers a wide range of custom colors and uses the RAL colors 1000 to 9023 chart. Berner also offers stainless steel. At our plant in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Berner employees powder coat the air curtains to match your customer’s specifications.

Berner air curtains (air doors) protect indoor environments when the doors are open. Additionally, they help maintain a more stable, comfortable, and quality environment that keeps outside temperatures, odors, and flying insects out – and reduces energy costs.

Berner’s Sanitation Certified air curtains are EPH Listed per NSF 37.

These models are used by restaurant and kitchen managers who are concerned with meeting food service standards, health department requirements, and their own criteria for flying insect control when the door is open. Use a Berner air curtain over the backdoor for flying insect control for a chemical-free way to reduce infiltration into the kitchen.  Using an air curtain, along with other best pest and insect management practices, such as keeping waste receptacles away from the entrances, is recommended.  5-year parts warranty.

Sanitation Certified High Performance 7

Sanitation Certified Low Profile 7

Berner’s Commercial Air Curtains

These models are designed to meet the functional needs of the application and to integrate into the space. 5-year parts warranty on ambient models and 2-year parts warranty on heated models.

Commercial High Performance 10

Commercial Low Profile 8

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