Berner Door Heaters are used to temper cold air that rushes through open doors by mixing it with high-velocity heated air. This helps keep the indoor temperature more comfortable and both customers and employees happy.

Engineered for versatility, the door heater can be mounted at any angle between horizontal and vertical to satisfy most applications. All heaters are factory assembled and shipped ready for connection to electric power and natural gas supplies.

Counter negative air pressure with a Berner Direct Gas Fired Door Heater. A duct axial fan directs a high-velocity stream of heated air toward the garage door opening — keeping the space warm and employees happy during cold weather.

  • Electronic Flame Safeguard with LED Status Indicating Lights
  • Magnetic starter
  • 12 Ga. Hot Rolled Steel Housing
  • Air-Dry Alkyd Enamel Applied over Phosphatized Steel finish
  • F.M. and I.R.I. models available.

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