The Berner PureAir Package™

Disinfect indoor air, starting at the entrance.

What if:

  • You had an air curtain that saved energy and actively cleaned air?
  • You had an air curtain that deactivated viruses & killed bacteria?
  • You had an air curtain that improved your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

Introducing the Berner PureAir Package™ for air curtains

Disinfect indoor air, starting at the entrance.

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How our air curtains with air purification work:

  1. Pre-filter: Berner uses a built-in MERV 8 filter on the air intake to pre-treat the air
  2. Then, the air passes the ion generation device, which is creating millions of ions per minute
  3. The air curtain’s air stream quickly & continuously carries the ions across the entry and into the space at a high density for maximum effectiveness
  4. The ions immediately attach to and destroy harmful pathogens, like viruses, bacteria and mold spores.  They also eliminate odors and VOCs.

The Berner PureAir Package quickly and continuously cleans the air, not just what passes through the air curtain, but the space around the entrance, as well.

Being conservative: The PureAir PackageTM distributes a minimum ion density of 787 ions/ inch2 (2,000 ions/cm2) within a minute, for reliable pathogen disinfection of the space.

Within 5 minutes, ion reach / purifies approximately:

  • 1 motor system: 2,800 ft2 (35’ X 80’)
  • 2 motor system: 5,000 ft2 (50’ x 100’)
  • 3 motor system: 6,250 ft2 (50’ x 125’)

Approximately 12 changes / hour Assumes 10’ ceilings, an empty room and a closed door

When the door is open, pass through an air stream filled with ionized air molecules that disinfect and purify the air.
When the door is closed, we recommend leaving the high performance air curtain operating to continue to cycle ions out into the space.  If using the Architectural High Performance 10 air curtain, then the EC motor automatically powers down to the “PURE” setting to continue to quietly operate as an air purifier for the space.

Benefits of an Air Purification System

  • Deactivates viruses, kills bacteria and mold spores starting at the entrance
  • Eliminates odors and VOCs
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Supports creating a safe environment

Currently available on:


PureAir Packages for High Performance 10 Air Curtains

All Heat Options Available

Commercial High Performance 10Architectural High Performance 10
NPBI Device ( one/motor)NPBI Device ( one/motor)
MERV 8 filterMERV 8 filter
Works with all the standard control optionsEC motor
“Pure” and “Pure Night” settings on Intelliswitch
Optional: Berner Air™

How the Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology (NPBI) works:

What is NPBI?

Also known as cold plasma, needlepoint bipolar ionization technology (NPBI) is a UL Certified ozone-free technology that ionizes air molecules.

How does it work?

Ionized air molecules or free radicals mix into the air, breaking down gases such as VOCs & odors.  The positive and negative ions pull hydrogen out of viruses, bacteria, mold, VOCs, and odors, deactivating them.  This reaction happens the moment the ion comes into contact with the pathogen or particle.

The ions also attract dust and allergen particulates (think pollen) that are floating in the air.  These particulates then cluster around the ion making it heavy so that it falls out of the air taking the dust and allergens with it.

NPBI is certified by UL 867 and UL 2998 as an ozone and byproducts free technology.

Available on the Commercial High Performance 10 air curtain

Kills / deactivates:

  • Germs, viruses, & bacteria
  • Mold

Eliminates / reduces:

  • VOCs
  • Allergens
  • Odors
  • and other airborne particulates

Research Backed Performance

Through 3rd-party pathogen testing and research, NPBI has proven to reduce airborne pathogens:

  • SARS-CoV-2 inactivation rate of 99.8%
  • SARS Virus reduced by 73.4%
  • H1N1 Human Influenza Virus reduced by 99.7%
  • Mold spores kill rate of 99.5% over 24 hours

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Industries and Applications

The PureAir Package™ can be used in a variety of commercial applications wherever an air curtain/ commercial air purifier can be utilized. Industries that can benefit from this technology include:

Berner's Architectural High Performance 10 air curtain over tech store entrance.
Currently available for the Architectural High Performance 10 air curtain.

Recommended for Main Entrances that open onto areas where people work, shop, hangout, etc..

The PureAir Package™ includes:

  • MERV 8 filter (washable)
  • Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) technology
  • 1/2 hp EC motor(s) – ten speeds (AHD10 only)
  • Intelliswitch with the PURE mode (AHD10 only)
  • optional: Berner AIR – smart controller & app (AHD10 only)

Berner’s Advanced Control Technology


The Berner digital controller gives us the capacity to easily integrate the EC motors and the ionization devices to an existing air curtain design, allowing Berner to quickly bring to market another layer of disinfection at the entrance.

The PureAir Package for the Architectural High Performance 10 (#AHD10) air curtain series comes standard with the Berner Intelliswitch and EC motors. The Intelliswitch is programmed with the “PURE” mode.  This mode powers the EC motor(s) down to the super low speed of 700 RPM when the door is closed, allowing the unit to quietly operate as an air purifier.  When the door opens, the motor returns to “air curtain” speed to operate as an air curtain, protecting the opening from outside temperatures while treating the air stream with ionized air molecules. On PURE Night mode, to provide optimum ion density, the air curtain runs a powerful high speed, de-stratifying the air in the room and purifying it while unoccupied.

The EC motors operate quietly and efficiently on a wide range of speeds, which allows for low power consumption, especially important when the system is operating 24/7. For those who want the ability to operate and monitor the air curtain from their phone, the option at add the Berner AIR is available.

Learn more about Berner’s Advanced Control Technology.

What is an Air Purifier?

An air purifier is a device that removes contaminants from the air in order to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Berner’s PureAir Package™ air purification system utilizes needlepoint bipolar ionization plus filtration to purify the air, approaching HEPA performance.

The Berner PureAir Package for Air Curtains uses a different technology from UVC air curtains and uses MERV-8 filters and ionization technology to approach MERV 13 performance instead of UV light in the air curtains.  At this time, the speed with which the air flows past UV lights in an air curtain is too fast for ultraviolet light to properly kill germs.

Here is one resource for information on exposure time and UV effectiveness, scroll down to “Air Disinfection.”

Another source for all your UV light and disinfection questions can be found on the Food and Drug Association (FDA) website.