Creating a more comfortable retail experience with Berner Air Curtains

Savvy retailers open their doors using Berner air curtains to protect the comfortable, welcoming environment their customers and employees desire — all while conserving energy and saving money.

Customer Entry

Savvy retailers use Berner ambient and heated air curtains on high-traffic main entrances, along with or instead of a vestibule, to protect the front of the store from outside temperatures and traffic fumes as shoppers come and go.

Shipping & Receiving

Supermarkets and department stores use Berner air curtains for doors for shipping and receiving as a simple and energy-efficient way to keep indoor temperatures stable, flying insects out and the interior fume-free when unloading stock.

Store managers use air curtains over man doors to protect the back of the store from outside temperatures, secondhand smoke, truck exhaust and flying insects.

Shopping Cart

Big box stores and large grocery chains combine Berner air curtains with cart-sized openings to both dry shopping carts and diminish heating/cooling loss.

Walk-In Cooler

Store managers know the benefits of using air curtains to maintain refrigeration temperatures: energy savings through decreased compressor run times, as well as the diminished threat, and associated costs, of food spoilage.