Berner Air Curtains (Fly Fans) for Restaurants: Let Us Serve You

Successful restaurants, and the professionals who design them, know that a Berner air curtain (fly fan) makes it easy to create the open, airy environment diners are looking for - and the clean back-of-the-house environment that every restaurant needs.

Kitchen or Service Entry

Successful restaurants use a Berner EPH Listed to NSF 37 air curtains on their back doors for chemical-free insect control. A fly fan installed in the back of house can help meet health code and keep worker more comfortable.

Walk-In Cooler

Store managers know the benefits of using air curtains to maintain refrigeration temperatures: energy savings through decreased compressor run times, as well as the diminished threat, and associated costs, of food spoilage.

Customer Entry

Maintain a comfortable welcoming entry for guests as they wait for a table or sit at the bar. Air curtains now meet ASHRAE 90.1-2019 and other building codes as exceptions to vestibules.


Quick Service Restaurants love how this special unit has revolutionized their ability to keep weather, exhaust fumes, and insects out – creating a better employee experience and thus, a better customer experience.

Concession Window

Walk right up to the concession area done right. Open, inviting and comfortable for guests and employees – while safely keeping insects and birds out.

Indoor Outdoor Bar

The only environment better than an indoor/outdoor bar is one designed with a Berner Air Curtain. It helps bars create the perfect, pest-free atmosphere for patrons while keeping it cool.

Patio / Garden Entry

Shipping & Receiving

Berner air curtains protect the interior as people, goods and trash pass back and forth, and flying insects stay out.

Restaurateurs, Food Service Managers, and Bar Owners use Berner Air Curtains (Fly Fans) to:

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention
On both hot and cold days, fly fans keep customers seated close to the door, or waiting for a table, happy with a comfortable, smoke-free environment.

Reduce Energy Costs
A Berner Air Curtain helps protect inside temperatures in the dining room, bar, or walk-in cooler.  This allows the HVAC systems to run less, cooler compressors to run less, and the staff to have less to worry about.

Reduce Employee Turnover and Complaints.
Comfortable employees are happy employees, and happy employees stay. Air curtains keep entry and drive-thru window areas comfortable and fume-free.

Maintain High Sanitation Standards
Health Departments recommend the chemical-free insect control provided by an EPH Listed NSF 37 Certified Berner Fly Fans to maintain a healthier kitchen environment.